kerné apple cider

Apple Cider IGP Kerné

GOLD MEDAL at Concours Général Agricole. February 2018

This French apple cider has an amber color, with fruity and intense aromas of fresh apples completed with dried fruits notes.
To the palate has an intense springly taste exalted by small bubbles that express all its freshness and a light bitter note.

The ideal serving temperature is at 6° – 8°C.
Kerné cider is perfect to pair either with a meal based on fish or shellfish or with some simple pancakes or even as aperitif.
Alcohol: 4,5% Vol.


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Well known since the high Middle Age, its diffusion remained enclose in few geographical areas, but nowadays the biggest producers of cider are Brittany (France) and Asturias (Spain).

Extraordinary is the pair with fruit tarts and pies, cream sweets and generally pastries, but it can be well paired also with Normandy cheeses, such as: Camembert, Pont l’Eveque, Livarot and Coeur de Neufchatel, better if they are made from raw milk.

Cider can be drunk all the year, with nice and bad season. It is very suggested as aperitif and it adapts itself to be tasted simply every moment of the day. Thanks to its pleasant fragrance, it refreshes naturally almost in the same way of a Brut Sparkling wine.
In Italy the spreading of cider is poor, so it is not easy to find it in the market.

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Bottle Size

0.75 l


4.5% Vol.


Keep in a fresh and cold place

Geographical Indication

Cidre Breton


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