Terms & Conditions of Sale

Taste Lovers will ship any order that has been request by Customers inside the EU (European Union) Countries. Any orders made via Internet outside the EU will not be accepted.

General Conditions of Sale

  1. Definition and object of the deal:
    • the present deal (contract), is a distance deal, referred to the art. 50 and ss. of D.lgs 6th September 2005, n° 206 (“Consumption Code”). The deal has as object the selling of movable goods from NOTE GOLOSE VIA DONIZETTI, 23, 35020 PONTE SAN NICOLÒ (PD) to the Customer. The contract is concluded directly through the acceptation by Taste Lovers of a buying request made by the Customer via internet, after the asking to offer content to the website tastelovers.it (Taste Lovers’ website), on the written modality described at the point 3.
    • The present selling conditions (“General Conditions of Sale”) and, more specifically, the informations in the art. 52 of the Consumption Code, as described by Taste Lovers and written in the website, will remain valid and efficient until are not going to be modified and/or added by Taste Lovers itself. Eventual modifications and/or adding to the General Conditions are going to be active with effect from the date in which are communicated to the public and are going to be applied to the selling with effect from the said date. The latest updated version of Terms & Conditions is the one available on the website.
  1. Prices:

the prices on the website are included with VAT and any other fee. The price is expressed in Euros (€). Shipping Costs are indicated on Taste Lovers’ website and may change due to the weight and the volume of the selected product. Moreover, Shipping Costs are different in EU Countries, and may differ.

  1. Buying and Payments:
    • Purchasing available product (in stock), as descripted and shown online in every Technical Scheme, is completed by the Customer for the indicated in effect price, included with VAT, that has to be confirmed when the order is going to be concluded, added with Shipping Costs and shown during checkout. Characteristics and using methods descripted in the technical schemes are given by Producers. Taste Lovers declines every responsibilities for any possible changes or misstatements. Used photos for products sheets, even reflecting main characteristics, may differ for the color or minimal particulars, the device monitor, photographic filters, etc. Therefore, the Customer acknowledges and agrees that any such minor differences do not constitute a lack of conformity of products..
    • Before confirming the purchase, to the Customer will be summarized the unitary cost of every selected product, the total line cost, the total cost of the purchase for one or more products and possible Shipping Costs.
    • The Customer, when accepts its order will receive an email message. If the Customer would not have received any message, the order has to be consider as canceled.
    • The Customer will be able to choose one of the payment methods that will clearly indexed on the website, and that will be accepted by Taste Lovers.
    • FOR THE PURPOSE OF THE GUARANTEE OF THE PRODUCT (24 months by law), ONLY THE ORDER CONFIRMATION SENT BY TASTE LOVERS TO THE COMPLETION OF THE CUSTOMER’S ORDER IS VALID. For online selling, added with VAT to sales, the EXEMPTION FROM CERTIFICATION DUTY is foreseen. These sales are not subject to invoice releasing duty, if not requested by the Customer during purchasing (ONLY CUSTOMERS WITH A VALID VAT NUMBER), and are exempted from the duty of certification through ticket or receipt (Art. 22 of D.P.R. n° 633/1972) under the art. 2 of D.P.R. 21st December 1996, n° 696.
  1. Products Delivery:
    • Complaints: Taste Lovers delivers the product to the address given by the Customer within 30 days from the conclusion of the Contract, as written in the Consume Code; in the case of orders paid with advance Bank Transfer, products will be delivered within 30 working days with commencement to accreditation of the total amount to our bank.
    • The Customer has to verify, when he/she receives the package, the compliance of the product delivered to him with the products ordered; the Customer has to sign the delivery note indicating “check on the integrity of products”; if this doesn’t happen, the Customer will not be able to oppose any complaint about the external characteristics of what has been delivered to him and the compliance of what he has ordered.
    • Any complaint can be sent at: VIA DONIZETTI, 23, 35020 PONTE SAN NICOLÒ (PD).
    • The delivering of the goods is “EX VENDOR’S WAREHOUSE”. The clause “ex vendor’s warehouse”, insert in the contract, means that the goods must be given to the Customer/Buyer or his Delegate (eg. Forwarder) at the vendor’s warehouse. Every shipping costs of the goods are charged on the Buyer, along with any related risks.
  1. Availability of Products:

Taste Lovers accepts Customers orders within the limits on quantity of requested products available in the warehouse. Therefore, the acceptance by Taste Lovers on the purchasing request, submitted by the Customer, depends on the availability in the warehouse of the products themselves. Taste Lovers will try to communicate as soon as possible to the Customer any unforeseen “out of stock” of goods, due to the excessive requests or other causes.

  1. Warranties and Assistance:

Products purchased through Taste Lovers are protected by the warranties foreseen from currently in effect laws. These warranties are applied only for damages occurred despite the common usage of the product, within its functionality and what is written in the technical documentation, in accordance with the various operating rules indicated. The warranty on the product can not be applied in case of negligence and carelessness during the usage.

The guarantee is personal and so will be applied only to the original Buyer. Before returning the product under warranty, the Return Authorization Number (RAN) will be notified to the Customer via email. The RAN has to be put on the product’s cardboard, which has to be sent along with the purchase ticket/receipt/invoice at NOTE GOLOSE VIA DONIZETTI, 23, 35020 PONTE SAN NICOLÒ (PD). Taste Lovers will refuse every product without cardboard or incomplete, as well as all the products that are not entirely paid the returning cost by the Customer. In case of a reintegration of a product with a new one or a replacement, the warranty becomes anyway from the purchase of the first product. Taste Lovers is not responsible, neither for third parties nor for the Customer, of any damages or loss of what has been sell by it and occurred for faulty manufacture. Within the warranty terms, these responsibility are charged only to the competence of the producer.


  1. Duties of the Customer:

The Customer declares that:

  • He/she is a Customer following the art. 3 of the Consume Code;
  • He/she is an adult (18+);
  • His/her personal data, given in order to purchase the goods, are real and valid.
  1. Right of Withdrawal:

The Customer has the right to terminate the contract without specifying the reason and without getting any additional fee.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, the Customer is obliged to inform Taste Lovers of its decision to cancel by sending, within 10 days from which he/she takes physical possession of the products, a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to: Note Golose Via Donizetti, 23, 35020 Ponte San Nicolò (PD). Moreover, sending an email to info@notegolose.com, within the 10 days written before, and followed by the confirmation of the registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

Once this communication will arrive to us, the Customer Service of Taste Lovers will communicate to the Customer how to return the goods, which have to arrive to Taste Lovers within 10 days from the communication.

However, the Right of Withdrawal is subject to the following conditions:

  • This right is applied to the entire product; it is not possible to exercise the Right on a part of the product;
  • According to the law, the shipping cost for the return of the goods are in charge of the Customer;
  • In case of any damage on the product due to the transportation, Taste Lover will inform the Customer (within 5 days from the receiving of the goods in its warehouse), to let him/her the possibility to lodge a complaint on the courier, chosen by the Customer itself, and so obtaining a refund based on the value of the product (if insured). In this eventuality, the product will be available for the Customer for its return, meanwhile cancelling the demand of withdrawal.
  • Taste Lovers does not respond to any damaged, stolen or missing returned items with couriers not insured.

Taste Lovers will refund the Customer the whole payment already paid, keeping the value of the “Shipping Cost”, within 30 days from the return of the products, via transfer procedure of the amount charged on the Credit Card or by Bank Transfer. In this last case, it will be the Customer to give the coordinates on which having the refund (Cod. ABI – CAB – Transactional Account of the recipient of the invoice).

The Right of Withdrawal will totally decay if, there is a lack in the essential conditions of the integrity of the product (packaging and/or its content), in case that Taste Lovers verify:

  • The external packaging and/or its content of the bought product is missing (e.g. Pasta, Biscuits, etc.);
  • The product is damaged for different causes outside the shipping. In case of the decay of the Right of Withdrawal, Taste Lovers will return the purchased item to the Sender (Customer), charging him of the Shipping Costs.
  1. Right of Withdrawal for Fresh Products:

The Customer has the right to terminate the contract without specifying the reason and without getting any addition fee, within 10 days from which he/she takes physical possession of the products. Due to the selling of products with high risk of perishability, Taste Lovers accepts also the following conditions:

The Customer has the Right of Withdrawal for Fresh Product when, once the cardboard has been opened and the fresh product is someway alterated or the fresh product has not the same characteristics specified when purchased.

The Right of Withdrawal for high risk of perishability products can be applied sending, within 24 hours from the physical possession of the goods, a written communication at info@notegolose.com. In the said communication, there must be specified the description of the products that the Customer want to return. Moreover, for having the possible refund based on the value of the goods returned, there must be indicated the Bank details linked to the Bank Account of the Customer.

It will be Taste Lovers in charge of taking the goods, once the communication from the Customer will be received, and, however, not later than 24 hours, in order to avoid the further deterioration of the products.

Taste Lovers reserves to evaluate the effective deterioration of the fresh product when the goods will be back to the warehouse. Whenever the existence of such problem in the product is not found, the Customer will be informed and the initial payment will not be refunded. Anyway, the Right of Withdrawal is servant with the following conditions:

  • The Right is applied to the product when purchased entire;
  • It is not possible to exercise the Withdrawal to a part of the product only;
  • The shipping costs in order to return the product are in charge of Taste Lovers.

Intellectual Property Rights

All trademarks, nominal or figurative, and all other marks, trade names, service marks, word marks, illustrations, images, or logos that appear on Taste Lovers’ website are, and remain, the exclusive property of the Taste Lovers and are protected by the laws in force on trademarks and by related international treaties.

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