About Us & Photo Gallery

A few words About Us

We are a micro-enterprise of recent constitution, July 2017. Young, dynamic and bold we have matured our experiences in other companies and measured that, the comunicative evolution of these last years allows to approach a wide clientile, but, above all, to be judged by those who search in quality the valor of goodness and in taste the art of knowing. Our mission is the development of a brand specialized on food proposals which is identified and recognized for Quality, Price and Service.

Aware that, the achieving of targets is bound to clients’ satisfaction and to the skill of advancing in a continuous research of products, which respect and reflect the traditions of a territory, we put on first place the genuineness and the alimentary safety.

Our Mission

The philosophy is to express the “soul” of the product, suggesting matches and simple recipes rich in contents.

Our website would like to be the ideal place for:

  • updating
  • discovering
  • suggesting

to best prepare an evening with friends, a special but original event, giving quality products sure to satisfy even the most demanding gourmands.