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Brandy Infante

Reserva Especial

Since ever, the wine cooperative Infante has always worked hard to find again the tastes and the features of that specialties, which years ago gave fame to the County of Huelva, a small town in Andalucía, in the southern of Spain.

Mixing modern techniques and ancient methods, José Infante had made a brandy with the aroma old landlords identify as typical of the county.

This small wine cooperative has the advantage to be between the favorites of Rey Juan Carlos and so to provide to the King’s house some bottles with the royal shield printed.
Brandies made in José’s basements, have as characteristic the dark colour which come from the adding of a special local wine, Color de Almonte, sweeten with Pedro Ximénez and an aged “Mistelas” (an alcoholic must 9% – 12% vol).
The abundant slightly sweet and fruity notes and the aromas which mix together in these brandies comes, not just from the time inside the durmast barriques, but even from the sensible used of aromas of the wine employed, aged for 50 years.


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